Client Feedback

Dear MareeThank you so much for working the trigger points and relieving mums forearm muscles, my mother’s pain in her hands especially her middle finger feels so much better having only two sessions with you she also has greater flexibility with her hands.Linda
Oct 2020
My body feels so much better, thanks Maree
March 2020
My headaches are GONE!
March 2020
Your a miracle worker! I can squat again now
March 2020
I'm a trillion times better
Feb 2020
Thank you so much Maree, I slept so well last night and my finger is not throbbing anymore
Feb 2020
I feel like a new person! My neck is really tender but no headaches so I feel like myself again. Thanks so much to you and your magic hands and elbows 😂
See you Saturday!
Kylie Allen - Director
August 2020
Foot feels really good. Thank you. Hope it doesn't return.
June 2020
Even more thanks to you for the results I'm feeling from my treatment, yesterday! My upper body feels more relaxed and softer than it has for months and months and the pain in my little finger is barely noticeable (until I think about it!).
June 2020
Thanks so much for your healing Maree !I look forward to seeing you Saturday 😊
Marie Carbone
June 2020
"Hi Maree, I wanted to thank you for yesterday, did what you said and had a good night with very little pain.
June 2020
I’m a tad sore on the right side of my neck and behind my ear, but nothing compared to what I’ve been dealing with.I slept really well last night and actually feel like I had a deep sleep. Also the first morning I can remember without a headache and neck pain waking up. I’ve been using a heat pack a lot as well.I’m looking forward to Thursday!
Kylie Allen - Director
May 2020
I'm feeling better thanks so much!Emmah
May 2020
Heh Maree
I'm feeling so much better this evening-so amazing!
April 2020
Hi Maree
Just wanted to say a big thank you for whatever magic you worked on my knee yesterday. I’ve barely thought about it today which is a massive improvement, more than your predicted 80%! Thanks you.
March 2020
Hi Maree
Just letting you know there has been a great improvement with my shoulder since your treatment, I have been doing the shoulder exercises every day and using the wheat bag when I'm in need..... So I'll see you in the 21st
April 2019
Hi Maree,
Just letting you know I feel fantastic today! The massaging tool you used in conjunction with your hands is amazing therapy! I can't thank you enough. I wish I could afford you every single day of my life!?
April 2019
Hey Maree
PROGRESS! I can put my arms straight out in front of me (at shoulder height) then rotate them 90° to the side so I'm in a crucifix position. Haven't been able to do that with my bad arm for two months. My shoulder was resistant at first (not painful) but became more and more compliant after I massaged it with a hotpack. There was mild resistance in my arm at the wrist and elbow and lots of mini Chinese burn sensations throughout the muscles but NO PAIN. And afterwards lots of lovely 'warm water running through my veins' sensations. There's other stuff I can do too that's eluded me for the past few months but I'll tell you about that on Thursday. I'm still working on raising my arm above my head but that can keep for another time. Today's developments are so good, I just want to enjoy them. And they're all thanks to you.(Recovering from frozen shoulder)
Julie H
March 2018
Hi Maree,
After many years of pain and many different treatments I have finally found relief from MarreeMaree works wonders! Can’t thank u enough
30th March 2018
Hi Maree
Thanks so much. I am doing much better. Still I have a bit of pain, but nothing compared to what I was. I am using hot water bag whenever I am sitting down. Have a great day
6 April 2018
"Thanks Maree, I'm feeling great"
Thank you Maree
And thank you for today. OMG....l can walk again so far without pain. Love
14 June 2018
“Thank you for helping me to regain the range and strength in my shoulder that I thought was never to be achieved again”
January 2016
Hi Maree
“Thank you for giving me movement back, and making me feel well again”
Dec 2017
“give this lady a call, you will be very happy you did ”
August 2017
Hi Maree,
My headache is completely gone after just one session! Now my back is playing up…can you work your magic again next treatment”
May 2017
Just wanted to let you know my arthritis has reduced heaps Maree, thanks so much and book me in next Tuesday same time if possible”
May 2017
Hi Maree
Thank you for the invoice and for all your good work today. The arm is feeling a lot better, it is a tiny bit sore but that is to be expected after treatment. I have been applying cold and hot packs.See you next Wednesday.
Hi Maree
My arm is improving with every treatment and my knees feel great, no ache at all. Thank you.See you next Wednesday at 2 pm. Helen x
Helen X
Hi Maree,
So wonderful to see you today. Mum is sitting with a lovely warm heat bag at her back and we both feel a lot better than we did before our treatment. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.Kind Regards, Marie