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Research shows that massage decreases muscle tension, increases circulation and calms the nervous system. The result is a cascade of physical and mental benefits that can help alleviate a wide variety of soft-tissue conditions such as tension headaches or sciatica.

Therapeutic massage is a natural therapy that has no side effects. 

Massage has a  powerful ability to relieve pain and tension, speed uo the healing process and increase your energy and vitality. Massage can be a lifetime ally in maintaining your good health and general well-being.

Our therapists have extensive training that includes massage techniques such as “trigger point” identification, manipulation, anatomy and physiology, and a knowledge of when massage maybe a contra-indication. We are licensed and have full insurance. Essendon Therapeutic Massage has therapists who have been trained in specialized skills to optimize the value of your treatments.

Should you have been in any accidents, had repetitive actions, or just live with everyday stresses, these issues can cause painful problems that sometimes cannot go away. They may even have taken up permanent residence in your body. So, if tension, pain or restricted movement keeps you from having an youthful painless lifestyle that you want, then either of these treatments will help. A natural and effective therapy, remedial massage not only should relieve pain and help heal certain soft-tissue conditions, but also should prevent their return.

At Essendon Therapeutic Massage, we understand exactly how to locate and treat many tight or contracted muscles. By applying the correct amount of gentle pressure to certain “trigger points” located in and around these tight muscles, allowing natural healing and increasing blood flow to these muscles. This in turn relieves the pain and allows these muscles to quickly recover back to their original flexible condition. We are here to help and more than happy if you contact us for a chat to see if we are right for you.


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