Our Team

Maree Germantis – Senior Clinical Masseuse  M.S.C.M. (V.S.M.)  C.M.
George Germantis – Senior Therapeutic Masseur A.S.T.M. ( Diploma Therapeutic Massage)

Our massage therapists have over 23 years experience incorporating extensive training in the management and recovery from a wide variety of chronic soft-tissue injuries. Using our knowledge of physiology and anatomy as well as understanding when massage is not appropriate. Our therapist are also an excellent resource for learning additional ways to release tension which help heal injuries outside of your treatment sessions.

On your first visit, our therapist will ask general health questions and review any referring practitioners recommendations. Our therapist will then assess your problem area to determine the appropriate treatment for you. This will depend on your symptoms, either chronic or acute, as well as your general health.

Our therapist will provide advise on relaxing breathing techniques and gentle exercises. This will improve general flexibility and movement. You will also learn to relieve tension by contracting and releasing muscles, pressing “trigger points”, or using ice and heat therapy. 

Our mission and goal is to provide accurate and limited treatment to allow your body to re-balance and maintain itself. Once the appropriate treatments are provided, your body should have the ability to take care if itself. This is the natural approach we teach.